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Copy Invoice Format to Sales Order Format | 拷贝发票格式成销售订单格式
Author: Susan Lai Reference Number: AA-00431 Views: 6067 Created: 2014-05-02 23:21 Last Updated: 2014-05-02 23:21 0 Rating/ Voters


The solution below explains the function of "Copy INV Format To SO Format” tool at [Reports →External Application].


This feature allows you to copy DO or INV format into SO or QUO format without re-design it again.The table of invoice in header will automatically be changed to sales order label.

  1. Save your Invoice format at first preview.
  2. Then proceed to [Reports > External Application], execute "Copy INV Format To SO Format".


以下步骤说明如何使用Copy INV Format To SO Format实用工具[帐簿/报表 > 新增应用项目]来拷贝发票格式成销售订单格式。


  1. 进入[凭证处理 > 发票]
  2. 在任何一张发票按打印
  3. 预览
  4. 进入[文件 > 另存为]
  5. Save
  6. 进入[帐簿 > 新增应用项目]
  7. 选择A105. Copy INV Format to SO Format
  8. Run
  10. TARGET按单选键SO - ICBIL#82.FRX
  11. COPY
  12. Yes,OK,EXIT
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