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Changing This Month in Parameter Setup | 更换参数设定的月份
Author: Susan Lai Reference Number: AA-00411 Views: 3212 Created: 2014-05-02 22:38 Last Updated: 2014-05-02 22:38 0 Rating/ Voters


Users cannot change This Month in [Housekeeping > Setup > Parameter Setup] to Previous Month to view previous month’s transaction and reports.


Once month end processing has been done, previous months’ payroll is calculated and accumulated. Changing This Month value will not make past month’s reports viewable, instead, it will cause problems in the data.

To view previous month payroll details:

  1. Go to [Monthly And Yearly > Past Months Pay Transaction]
  2. Or [Monthly And Yearly > Year To Date Pay Reports]

*Note: User is advised to backup data before perform Month End.


用户不能在[Housekeeping > Setup > Parameter Setup] 更改当月回上个月分来看上个月报告


一旦用户进行了month end,上个月的工资表将会被计算和累计起来。就算更改当月数据(This Month)报告表也是只会显现当月的数据,而且更改单月数据将造成数据混乱。


  1. 进入[Monthly And Yearly > Past Months Pay Transaction]
  2. [Monthly And Yearly > Year To Date Pay Reports]

*备注:建议用户在进行Month End前备份数据

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