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Certain employee missing in CP8A (EA Form) | 某些员工生成不了个人所得税报表
Author: Susan Lai Reference Number: AA-00404 Views: 4797 Created: 2014-05-02 22:27 Last Updated: 2014-05-02 22:27 0 Rating/ Voters


After generate EA Form, certain employee does not have EA Form.


There are 2 possibilities causes such issue:

Possibility 1:

This is due to the the group of employee does not meet the requirement set at Minimum pay required to print EA Form setting in Generate EA Form Figures module. To change the setting:

  1. Go to [Goverment > Income Tax Reports]
  2. Select CP 8A and click Generate
  3. Set Minimum pay required to print EA Form to Zero
  4. Click OK, OK, OK and Preview

Possibility 2:

This is due to Personnel Tax Category is set to X (non) in Personnel File Maintenance. To change the setting:

  1. Go to [Personnel > Add/Update Employee]
  2. Click on Govern. tab and change the Tax Category to 1
  3. Click on Save, Exit
  4. Go to [Government > Income Tax Reports]
  5. Select CP 8A, click on Generate, OK, Preview






这是因为该组员工的工资不在Minimum pay required to print EA Form条件里更改该条件:

  1. 进入[Goverment > Income Tax Reports]
  2. 选择CP 8A 然后按Generate
  3. 设置Minimum pay required to print EA Form 为零
  4. OK, OK, OK and Preview



  1. 进入[Personnel > Add/Update Employee]
  2. 选择Govern. 选项然后设置Tax Category 为 1
  3. Save, Exit
  4. 进入[Government > Income Tax Reports]
  5. 选择CP 8A, 按Generate, OK, Preview
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