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Release Annoucement for April 2014
Author: Hon Min Tai Reference Number: AA-00348 Views: 1329 Created: 2014-05-01 23:57 Last Updated: 2014-05-02 01:00 0 Rating/ Voters

Latest release announcement for Sage 50 (April 2014) :

Release Announcement for April 2014

The coming product release contains the following enhancements:

  • Enhanced UI in resolution 1366 x 768: System is enhanced to be able to display whole screen in 1366 x 768 resolution for Sales Return, Journal Entry, Receipt, Payment, Reimbursement/ Fund Transfer, Maintain Stock Values, Customer/Debtor Maintenance, Creditor/Supplier.
  • Country & Currency Maintenance: Previously, only few commonly used countries and currencies are set to “Active”, thus, in the country & currency field drop down list, only active country & currency are shown.
    Now, all countries and currencies are set to “Active” by default, so that user will be able to view the complete list.
  • Knock Off Information for Receipt: Offset document details and amount field are added into the report designer field list for Official Receipt. User will be able to add those related fields into Official receipt template.
  • Customer and Supplier Drop List: In all Sales & Purchases entry screen, more fields such as Alternate Name and Contact Number are added in the customer and supplier drop list.
  • Local Equivalent Amount for Payment and Receipt: In the footer section of Payment and Receipt entry screen, additional fields, i.e. Total Received (Foreign Currency), Total Applied (Foreign Currency), Total Received (Base Currency), Difference (Foreign Currency), Total Write Off are added.
  • General, Debtor, Creditor and Bank/ Cash Ledger Details: Previously, the total debit, total credit & balance is the sum up of the transaction amount regardless local or foreign transaction. In Sage 50, user is allowed to use multiple currencies during entry. Thus, the total debit, total credit, and balance coming from the sum up does not reflect the actual amount.
    1. If there is only 1 transaction currency found, system will calculate the total debit, total credit, and balance.
    2. If multiple transaction currencies found, “N/A due to multiple currencies” is shown at total debit, total credit, and balance.
  • Trial Balance and Balance Sheet by Analytical Code: When generate Trial Balance / Balance Sheet by project / analytical code, system will check the total debtor opening balance & total creditor opening balance, whether the debtor opening & creditor opening are fully distributed. If not fully distributed, prompt "Debtor Opening Balance / Creditor Opening Balance is not fully distributed. Please make sure the Debtor Opening Balance / Creditor Opening Balance is fully distributed before you generate this report".
  • Multi Language: Sage 50 has been enhanced to support other languages i.e. Indonesia, Vietnamese, Chinese Traditional. User can select the language during login.

The coming product release will be available via:

  • Sage 50 Online Updates
  • Sage 50 Download
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