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Upgrade data files prompted syntax error message | 进行资料库升级时系统显示Syntax error
Author: Susan Lai Reference Number: AA-00315 Views: 3883 Created: 2014-05-01 21:23 Last Updated: 2014-05-01 21:23 0 Rating/ Voters


When user is running Upgrade Data File, system prompt Syntax error message.


If User ID contains spacing at [Housekeeping > Run Setup > User ID Maintenance]syntax error message will be prompted when running [Housekeeping > Upgrade Data Files] after upgrade program from version 9.1 (01/03/2006) to version 9.2 (SR1). The solution below shows the steps to overcome it.

  1. Copy ‘user.dbf’ and ‘icnet.dbf’ from new directory and then paste into the faulty data folder.
  2. Run the Upgrade Data Files.
  3. Reset back the User ID correctly.


当用户从9.1版本升级到9.2版本或以上,进行资料库升级时系统就显示Syntax error


当这是因为操做代码拥有空格[系统维护 > 系统设定选项 > 操做代码设置]。

  1. 在现有的文件夹里删除拷贝‘user.dbf’ 和 ‘icnet.dbf’
  2. 进入系统,系统将会显示资料库升级,按确定,确定
  3. 完成资料库升级,确定
  4. 输入默认密码UBS,按确定
  5. 进入[系统维护 > 系统设定选项 > 操做代码设置]
  6. 新增操做代码
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