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Account Code | 科目代码
Author: Susan Lai Reference Number: AA-00297 Views: 5609 Created: 2014-05-01 20:55 Last Updated: 2014-05-01 20:55 0 Rating/ Voters


The usage of Account Code in General Ledger A/C Maintenance menu.


If you used to key in old account code previously used in other accounting system (as a reference), Account Code can be shown in Print Chart of Accounts with simple customization as follow:

  1. Go to [General> Print Chart of Accounts] click on OK and Preview
  2. Go to [File> Save As], click Save. Press Esc.
  3. Right click on Exit button, select the file named gl#001#a.frx and click Open
  4. Right click at any empty spot, select Data Environment
  5. At gldata table, drag and drop the acc_code into Detail section
  6. Click Save, press Esc once, click on Preview, the account code will be displayed.





  1. 进入[帐套设置 > 打印会计科目表 > 确定 > 预览]
  2. 在预览里,进入[文件 > 另存为],按Save,按键盘Esc
  3. 鼠标右键安于退出
  4. 选择gl#001#a.frx然后按Open
  5. 鼠标按右键于任何空白范围,选择Data Environment
  6. gldata里,鼠标拖放acc_code进Detail截面里
  7. [文件 > 保存],按键盘Esc
  8. 预览键,您将会看到科目代码出现于会计科目表里
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