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Alert message: "Not allow to delete" | Not allow to delete讯息显现
Author: Susan Lai Reference Number: AA-00261 Views: 5271 Created: 2014-04-30 15:13 Last Updated: 2014-04-30 15:13 0 Rating/ Voters


Alert message "Not allow to delete" prompted when user try to delete one of the items in invoice.


This is because invoice is updated from delivery order. The solution below show the steps to overcome it.

  1. Go to Transaction>Invoice, delete the invoice.
  2. Go to Transaction>Delivery Order, edit the item in the related DO.
  3. Go to Housekeeping>Run Setup>General Setup>Last Used Nos, untick auto running in invoice.
  4. Key in ref no INV 001 when issuing a new invoice and then tick update from DO.
  5. Go to Housekeeping and tick auto running in invoice.


当要从系统里删除发票里任何一个货物,Not allow to delete讯息显示。



  1. 进入[Transaction > Invoice], 删除发票
  2. 进入[Transaction > Delivery Order],更改交货单里的货物
  3. 进入[Housekeeping > Run Setup > General Setup], 选择.Last Used Nos选项
  4. 取消Invoice勾选
  5. 进入[Transaction > Invoice],按Add
  6. 键入刚删除的发票号码于Invoice No. 信息栏
  7. 键入顾客代号
  8. 勾选Update From DO
  9. 选择交货单
  10. 进入[Housekeeping > Run Setup > General Setup],选择.Last Used Nos选项
  11. 勾选Invoice
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