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Login system show "OLE error code 0x80040154" | 进入系统,系统显现“OLE error code 0x80040154"讯息
Author: Susan Lai Reference Number: AA-00253 Views: 4052 Created: 2014-04-30 14:42 Last Updated: 2014-04-30 14:42 0 Rating/ Voters


Login to UBS System and an OLE error message showed:


This was due to some required component are not installed properly, please do a manual install on the required component.

  1. Backup customer data
  2. Uninstall UBS program
  3. Delete UBS program folder (Example: C:\\UBSACC90\\)
  4. Install back UBS program
  5. Access to Installed UBS program folder (Example: C:\\UBSACC90\\)
  6. Access to NETDLL folder
  7. Access to UBS.Common.UI.DashboardChart folder
  8. Double click on file named as UnRegister.bat
  9. Double click on file named as Register.bat
  10. Back to NETDLL folder
  11. Access to UBS.Common.UI.MarqueeLabel folder
  12. Double click on file named as UnRegister.bat
  13. Double click on file named as Register.bat
  14. Login to UBS System again





  1. 备份顾客系统数据
  2. 卸载UBS系统
  3. 删除UBS系统文件夹(实例:C:\\UBSACC90\\)
  4. 从新安装UBS系统
  5. 进入UBS系统文件夹(实例:C:\\UBSACC90\\)
  6. 进入NETDLL文件夹
  7. 进入UBS.Common.UI.DashboardChart文件夹
  8. 鼠标左键双击UnRegister.bat文件
  9. 鼠标左键双击Register.bat文件
  10. 退回NETDLL文件夹
  11. 进入UBS.Common.UI.MarqueeLabel文件夹
  12. 鼠标左键双击UnRegister.bat文件
  13. 鼠标左键双击Register.bat文件
  14. 重新进入UBS系统
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