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Adjustment Required report did not show figure | 兑换率增益损失调整报告表没有显现任何数据
Author: Susan Lai Reference Number: AA-00241 Views: 2496 Created: 2014-04-30 14:01 Last Updated: 2014-04-30 14:01 0 Rating/ Voters


Why Adjustment Required report did not show any figure for F.CURR and L.CURR? [General > Foreign Currency > Adjustment Required]


This report is use for analysing the gain or lost on the exchange rate for all the GL Account. F.CURR and L.CURR figure did not show due to user did not select Country Code for the GL Account. To tag GL Account with Country Code:

  1. Access to [General > General A/C Maintenance]
  2. At General Ledger A/C Maintenance, click on  beside Country Code
  3. At Currency Listing, select the Currency Code and click on OK
  4. At General Ledger A/C Maintenance, click on Save

F.CURR = Foreign Currency

L.CURR = Local Currency


为何兑换率增益损失调整报告表没有任何数据显现在F.CURR和L.CURR?[General > Foreign Currency > Adjustment Required]


这个报告表是用于分析分类账账户兑换率增益损失。 F.CURR和L.CURR数据不显现是因为分类账账户没有选择国家代码。如何指定分类账账户国家代码,请参考以下步骤:

  1. 进入[General > General A/C Maintenance]
  2. General Ledger A/C Maintenance,  于国家代号旁
  3. 在 Currency Listing, 选择国家代号然后按OK
  4. 在 General Ledger A/C Maintenance, Save

F.CURR = 外币

L.CURR = 本地货币

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